Did Larsen Jay Just Self Report a Sunshine Law Violation?

This evening as the Knox County Commission had another electronic virtual meeting, the Resolution for Knox County to be a Second Amendment Sanctuary County was vigorously debated. It ultimately passed with 8 in favor, 1 in opposition and Chairman Hugh Nystrom and at Large Commissioner Larsen Jay passing.

During Jay’s statement that he said he was reading, he mentioned a conversation with another Commissioner and that Commissioner said if you ever wanna run for another office, you better vote for it. I am paraphrasing the comment until I can record it tomorrow.

Was that conversation sunshined? If it was GREAT, if it wasn’t, we have a problem in River City.

If Commissioners have a chance Meeting, they run into one another at a Walmart, they can not debate to a conclusion, which is what it sounds like Jay admitted to. I am simply asking the question.

Schoonmaker and Jay at the beginning of the lunch

Schoonmaker and Jay at the beginning of a Sunshined lunch in 2019

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