Knox County’s Public Order Goes Into Effect Tomorrow

I am providing you the 7 page Public Order that goes into effect at 12:00:01 am tomorrow, Friday July 3, 2020. The link is here Screenshots of the order are below.


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2 Responses

  1. john Gwaltney says:

    As this is America. We are not a communist country! This mandate is just another big government experiment, just like the rest of this. Like the closing of almost everything and the empty shelves at the store. To see if we can be tricked into communism. And guess what? Most of you are blindly letting them win. You can’t tell me nothing is suspicious about Walmart closing at 830 and not being able to keep stocked. I’m telling you the government had a hand in that. So fu!! I refuse to wear a face mask.. oh. It’s also well known that hospitals and other facilities are fixing the numbers to make it seem worse.. look it up. So kiss my a** i will do my shopping in sevier county..

  2. BRUCE A BUTLER says:

    I had stopped shopping in Knoxville and was shopping outside the city limits.. Now shopping in Anderson County instead of Knox County. Note that Knox Law Director employees and Knox Sheriff say this is unconstitutional. There is no evidence that it is. Still no real evidence that mask keep you from getting sick. No evidence how anyone who has the virus caught it.