Hagerty for U.S. Senate Recent Survey Results

#TheMegaBullhornofTruth has been provided with some key findings from a survey of likely Republicans polled June 28-30, 2020, the margin of error is +/- 4% by The Tarrance Group.

Bill Hagerty has a commanding +17 lead over the field in the Republican primary election. 46% of Republican Primary voters indicated they would vote for Hagerty, while 29% vote for Dr. Manny Sethi and 5% would vote for George Flinn. There are 2% who would vote for one of the other candidates and 18% are undecided.

Hagerty has a double-digit advantage among primary voters in both the Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis and Tri-Cities media markets, and absolutely dominates the ballot among the most conservative parts of the primary electorate.

According to the survey over 50% of those indicating a vote for Hagerty is among 4 of 4 primary voters, 65+ voters, those who strongly approve of the job that President Trump is doing, who are strongly pro-life and those primary voters that get their news and information from Fox News.

 57% of Republican primary voters across the state are aware of President Trump’s endorsement of Bill Hagerty. Among those 58% indicate they are voting for Hagerty.

Bill Hagerty’s name ID is at 91% across the state and 72% of Republican primary voters have a favorable impression of him.

Bill Hagerty at a campaign meet and greet at Sam and Andy's Ftn. City Knoxville, TN

Bill Hagerty at a campaign meet and greet at Sam and Andy’s Ftn. City Knoxville, TN

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