Not Sure About What Is Going On

This morning, First District Knox County School Board Member Evetty Satterfield posted a letter on School Board letterhead with concerns about the Black Lives Matter mural that was completed over this last weekend.

In her letter she is asking the City of Knoxville to paint over it, remove it and work with Black Coffee Justice to place the mural somewhere else, a neutral location.

I don’t fully understand the reasons that she states. Of course, I was raised in East Knox County, graduating from Carter High School many, many moons ago and have owned property and live in Southwest Knox County for nearly 30 years. So, I do not attempt to say I know all that comes with East Knoxville. As a former elected Knox County School Board Member from Southwest Knox County, I don’t know that I understand the reaction Satterfield addresses in her letter.

So, I am not entering this fight. All that I will say is that hindsight being 20/20, it’s a little difficult to understand the request to remove it. Especially after I watched (online) the many people that worked to make the mural possible this weekend.


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1 Response

  1. John R says:

    Evetty Satterfield has valid points. Mayor Kincannon should have done better.