A Question.

The administrator of the liberal blog has a comment in the holding cell of Brian’s Blog. I am perplexed as to what to do. 1) Go ahead and publish his comment because Brian’s Blog is a better blog and doesn’t ban individual commenters. or 2) Do not publish his comment because he has banned any defense of me or my blog team at his little small mutual satisfaction group.

Send your votes via comments or by sending an email to the email address on the profile. Thanks.

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5 Responses

  1. RMN says:

    I think that to allow his comment to be posted is to allow him exposure that he doesn’t deserve. If he has a closed forum for you and others than do NOT allow him to free load here.

  2. Texas Conservative says:

    Unless his comments have a scintilla of newsworthiness, which they haven’t to date, I would not publish them.

    That group, well you know, R.Neal and the other three, stoops so low in their attempts to defend their failed ideology and assert their own superiority, they deserve no public exposure, except for the kind that presents them as the hypocritical, cheap shot, propagandists they are.

  3. gwb says:

    No way. Let him see his double standard. Why give him any notice on this the finest blog in all the world.

  4. walker says:

    LOL there is no way to be sure it really is this guy…remember they all have dozens of different screen names!

    Still I think I would publish it..then let everyone respond…but HIM! You know…like THEY do to us!

  5. the rep says:

    Communication is a two way street.