Add One More Position On The Knox County Ballot In 2008

In 2008, there will be an election in Knox County. Let’s review what positions are on the ballot.

County Commission

First District, Seat A

Second District, Seat B
Fourth District, Seat A
Fourth District, Seat B
Fifth District, Seat C
Sixth District, Seat A
Eighth District, Seat B
Ninth District, Seat A


Register of Deeds
County Clerk
Property Assessor
Law Director

School Board Members

District 2

District 3
District 5
District 8

Now add the position of Knox County Criminal Court Judge Div. II – Ken Irvine was appointed to fill in during Republican Criminal Court Judge Ray Lee Jenkins illness. Now the Democrat Governor “Prince Phillip of Nashville” must appoint Irvine or another more electable Democrat to fill in until the Primary and General elections are held in February and August 2008.

Possible Republican candidates are Knox County Republican General Sessions Judges Chuck Cerny and Bob R. McGee and Knoxville Attorney and Republican Ray H. Jenkins.

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2 Responses

  1. Re-Electing NOBODY says:

    Will you start telling us who the candidates are?

    I do not want to know who the incumbents are.

    Because I am Re-electing NOBODY, I mean Re-electing NOBODY.

  2. I will begin keeping the list and posting it here on Brian’s Blog. I feel it is important to note who the incumbents or appointee’s are.

    Should they be Barry Bonded with an *?