Confusion Abounds on News Sentinel’s Editorial Page

Yesterday (Saturday) the News Sentinel‘s Editorial page had a letter to the editor authored by William J. Morgan. You can locate his letter here. What was confusing is that Morgan is commenting on an April 2 story about Elvis Presley‘s Knoxville appearance back in 1972 at Stokley Athletic Center. 

A story never appeared in the News Sentinel’s April 2 edition. An article written by Jake Mabe over at the Shopper News appeared here in the April 2 edition of the Shopper. The Shopper is a sister publication to the News Sentinel being owned by their parent company E.W. Scripps. However, News Sentinel editorial and press assignments do not manage the operation of the Shopper. 
The failure of the News Sentinel in forwarding the letter to the Shopper and publishing it as if the article was in their newspaper either indicates that the editorial department does not  verify that they actually authored and published such article that the letter writer was addressing. Thus, the News Sentinel Editorial staff is incompetent or just plain lazy. Or, the News Sentinel Editorial staff wants to take credit for articles written and published by others than themselves. 
Interesting to note that the additional information that Mr. Morgan shares in his letter were actually included in Mr. Mabe’s article. Elvis as always in spite of equipment malfunctions, he still gave the crowd a performance unlike any other. 

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