Knox County Commission Wants to Spend OUR Tax $$$ On…..

Next two Monday’s the Knox County Commission will have a workshop on (21st) and a voting meeting on (28th).

Here is an interesting item, which has the Resolution and the Exhibit links for the item.

This Resolution is to commit/designate FY 2020 $$$ to FY 2021 $$$. In the shuffling of dollars they are spending $$$ on themselves, $16,000 to be exact. $16,000 more than they budgeted in June 2020.

$11,205.00 to Commission Retreat and other supplies.
$4,795.00 to County Commission Discretionary



Are the Commissioners that vote for this, Republicans In Taxes Only?


On the Commissioner Forum as of 9:45 pm 9/17/20, Chairman Jay intends for this budget transfer of $6,919,042.08 to be on CONSENT without discussion, so $16,000 for themselves hidden in $7.0 million with no question/answer at all.


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