Careful What you Point Too, Theres Three More Coming Back at Ya!

My Grandfather would say, be careful what you point at, there are three more coming back. Referring to the three fingers pointing back at you.

Sandra Clark of another online news source yesterday appeared to be boasting about an incident involving a couple people and she linked to a story she authored a couple years before.

My friend Kenny Collins pointed out, when you read past that story and read a snippet prediction, she was wrong. She predicted Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh would NOT survive the week during his confirmation hearing. BUT he is NOW Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh and oh how timely as the Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Hearing concluded today. With a committee vote on 10/22/2020.


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  1. John R says:

    Sandra and Betty are big blowhards. They are the template for know nothings in Knox County.

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