Brian Hornback and The Shopper

There has been much talk recently about Brian Hornback, Brian’s Blog and the Shopper (the dirty little secret that E.W. Scripps Company bought a year or two ago)

Last evening during the Commission meeting, I said Good evening to Larry Van Guilder and to Sandra Clark the Editor of the Shopper. Larry was hospitable and said Hello. Sandra gave me a look with no audible response. However, it was probably the same look that she gave my friend Steve Hunley at the Mandarin House in Halls immediately following the Halls Republican Club meeting about a year ago, when she proceeded to tell Steve (a competitor of the Shopper’s by the way) that he should do something to himself that should be physically impossible for him to do. I digress.

Following last night’s Commission meeting after Larry Van Guilder had the interview opportunities that he was after and I had finished talking to the people that I desired to talk to. Larry asked if I was mad at him. I assured him that I wasn’t mad at him, that the things that have been posted are not about him but about the publication and the Editor/Reporter that he works with.

Last night, I came to believe that Larry Van Guilder is a good guy. I believe he his a guy that will do exceptionally well at his current place of employment and would well at a reputable publication and I look forward to watching his success as he outgrows the Shopper.

It is time for me to bring personal closure to my 6 month Shopper campaign.

This weekend I intend to post a series that will detail the history of Brian Hornback and the Shopper. As a preview the history dates back to 1990. I was 23 and a novice political guy. Since about 1994, I have been leading some winning campaigns and I have lost a few. The Shopper has always been a part of the stories, in some aspect.

Stay Tuned.

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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Who cares.

  2. Obviously you do.

    If you don’t care or do not want to read it my suggestion is go read somewhere else for a while.

  3. wj says:

    LOL, I never read the shopper now that they tossed the famed media column! Boy do I miss that guy…course the fact that he was outed for posting on and earlier on the Gen Paterson page caused me to wonder why someone like that would be so involved with blogging? Had to be because of his giant ego? Or the fact that he just likes to raise the rock and see if anyone is still wiggling!

    Have fun with the paper and remember if you can’t laugh at
    what you read then you need to stop reading it. Not sure what that ment but it sounded profound enough to be printed on a T shirt a Dollywood.

  4. I am with you wj.

    I have never taken myself too serious. However, over the last several years it is obvious that SC and BB believe they can print any ole’ thing about elected people and it is alright.

    They sure can’t take something so simple as and factual as the word tabloid as similar treatment.

    I miss the media report from the great media guy. That is why his link is in the brian’s blog daily read link section.

    It is just as easy to read it straight from his blog. Beginning this week, with the conclusion of this series, I have already joined the likes of thousands in Knoxville and Knox County that will no longer read the tabloid.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Please, please, for the love of Pete, stop referring to yourself in the third person. It’s just creepy.

  6. anonymous,

    I am and have been happily married for over 19 years. I am not now nor ever looking for the love of Pete.

    Since it bothers you so much, Brian Hornback will take your advice under consideration. It is however his blog and whatever he decides to do with is Brian Hornback’s decision.

    Keep reading and he will ensure that you are entertained and informed here at Brian’s Blog.