Knox County Commission and It’s Chairman Tonight

Tonight, the Knox County Commission was electing a fellow member to a committee for fire and rescue. Richie Beeler was nominated. Carson Dailey was nominated. Beeler withdrew to support Dailey. Larsen Jay nominated Randy Smith. Smith said he would serve. As the votes began, Jay was the lone vote for Smith, when the vote came to Smith he voted for Dailey. The vote was 10 for Dailey, 1 for Smith. Jay them changed his vote to make it 11 votes for Dailey.

all 11 Commissioners meeting in Work Session 1/19/2021

all 11 Commissioners meeting in Work Session 1/19/2021

It may be time, IMHO (in my humble opinion, for those of you in Vestal) for a vote of no confidence in the Chairman of the Commission.

Also, tonight wife and husband Jamey Dobbs and Gary McCracken spoke back to back in support of the Knox County Board of Health. Neither disclosed the connection. Also, a citizen of Hamblen County and a citizen of Blount County spoke to our Board of Health.


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