Rep. Gloria Johnson Complains

Over the weekend, I saw tweets by Knoxville area State Rep. Gloria Johnson about her office assignment or lack thereof. Then this afternoon, she is on live with The TN Holler going to show her office assignment.

While live streaming she walks into the admin office of Rep. John Mark Windle and then proceeds to open Windle’s closed office door and turns the light on. The TN Holler guy asks if Windle is Governor, I guess by the supposed size and furnishings of his office. IN MY OPINION, another Rep. should not be allowed to enter a closed office of anyone especially live streaming.

myself and State Rep. John Mark Windle.

myself and State Rep. John Mark Windle.

Johnson them takes the live stream to her office assignment, which is a former Conference Room C and shows the space her admin is supposedly going to use.

Johnson complained last session when the Speaker Casada placed her in a small space. Speaker Sexton placed her on the Education Committee last August, but I guess all the Education Committee spots were filled this year, so her appointments were previously reported here.

Gloria Johnson

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