Ballard “Promises Made, Promises Kept” 2.0

This morning Property Assessor Phil Ballard called the Knox Co Sheriffs Department for “security” because he was set to lay off a few employees, accept a retirement and accept a resignation. His act in getting security was nothing more than a police state dictatorship form of intimidation to the other employees of the office, to say you stay in line or I will waste the county’s resources of cops on you. Just think of how many home burglaries occurred while our county officers were used by a scared little Property Assessor.

Neither former Property Assessor Parkey Strader, John Whitehead or Former Register of Deeds Steve Hall ever called the Sheriff’s office when they laid someone off. This is Ballard’s 2.0 version of “Promises Made, Promises Kept” during the campaign he promised more jobs to new cronies, political operatives and contributors. So he had to get rid of five today. But hold on there are promises of two, three or more tomorrow or in the near future.

So, while five people are no longer employed in the assessors office and the sheriff’s department kept him safe during the day. Ballard is now safe working through the night in his basement with his farm on Farmville. Hopefully one of his farmville horses doesn’t kick him while he is farming tonight.

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Farming is that what you call it, LOL I call it playing house. That worthless Paula and her sidekick wasted tax dollars going to fire an employee at home today, that stupid idiot took a Sheriff deputy, can you say a true worthless county crony. Phil your not a God, and Paula you are not a Godess, Betty your still a worthless sow, Jim you are a crook and I will expose you next. Just keep showing Knoxville just what ignorance we have working here at the highest level. Where was Phil's head at today? Up Betty's skirt as usual, old man you just awoke a sleeping bear. Paula you might have thought you looked like something today with that skanky dress, nothing better than polished up trash. Cindy you are an idiot girl, your man banging old Betty and you just don't get it. It your life, not mine, I would push for that sow out the door, your marriage of 7-7-77 is over, either old Betty out or you, my bets are on you. Let's just see how many more of us get the boot, 99 weeks of unemployment at the tax payees expense. Your the stupid one Phil, I call it as I see it, we still know the truth. Lawsuits will come forth, and an ouster suit with multiple plaintiffs, fat man you just sealed your fate, you have no loyalty in this office we all hate you. Linda, you can simply crawl up his a.. and die for all I care, we know you for what you are. Did you have fun with Ms. Never here playing fire queen. Hope you have plenty of money from your campaign Phil or that line of credit on your house is available, you will need it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Stupid is as stupid does…which one of us will you fire next. My guess is none in the front or back, I just hope your lead him computer guy is gone for good!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wonder how many of these (now former) employees donated money to Phil's last campaign. I am sure he did the honorable thing and returned all their money (lol). What a jerk!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The USS Hunley has hit the rocks again. Abandon ship mates.