Knox County Commission VOTES UNANIMOUSLY to ADD to next weeks Agenda…. THE BOARD OF HEALTH

Knox County Commissioner Richie Beeler brought a motion to hear and vote on second reading the Ordinance on the Knox County Board of Health and ALL 11 Commission members voted to add it to Monday March 29, 2021 agenda.

Knox County Board of Health 12/2/2020

Knox County Board of Health 12/2/2020

It appears that with TN State Senator Dr. Richard Briggs emailed endorsement to abolish the Board or at least the current members was the final straw, we will see next Monday.

BTW, Larsen Jay struggled without the Knox County Law Director or one of his other nine Attorneys there, with an opinion that it was a proper motion. I could digress and remark that apparently Knox County doesn’t have enough lawyers, maybe they should outsource one. BUT, that would be more wasting of OUR tax money.


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