Turnaround by Governor Mitt Romney

I have just finished reading the book Turnaround by Mass. Governor Mitt Romney. Turnaround details how Mitt Romney took over the reins of Salt Lake City Olympic Committee (SLOC) and how as the Chairman of SLOC turned the Games around.

What I am most impressed with Romney is how he covered every detail of putting the games together. He was inclusive of all dimensions of the total Salt Lake community. Reaching out to the Latter Day Saints church (LDS), all minorities and even the Gay and Lesbian Alliance. He is an inclusive leader.

The many time he had to appear before the International Olympic Committee (IOC) instead of taking an entourage of 10-15 people to make requests on behalf of SLOC. Only he appeared before the IOC. He is a take charge, the buck stops here kind of leader.

Romney was also unfairly criticized by some in the media and by a vocal minority of the public for his membership in the LDS church and his approach to the games. His approach to dealing with the parasites of negative, tabloid type media and the citizens that feed of of it was insightful.

Obviously, Brian Hornback and the Brian’s Blog team are supporting the Draft Fred movement. However, I have walked away with an insight into Mitt Romney that indicates he would be a President that has the wherewith all to get it done. It is probably a bit premature to begin a Thompson/Romney campaign. I need to wait until Fred jumps in the water.

For those of you thinking a Southern Baptist like Brian Hornback is speaking favorably about a Mormon. That is not a prerequisite for me. In reading this book, I have walked away with far more favorable views of his leadership abilities and an insight with how he deals with issues. That is more important to me than his membership in the LDS church.

For President in 2008 Fred is the Number 1 choice and I will continue to examine all the other candidates and will make an endorsement at the right time for me.

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