County Commissioner Mark Harmon is a Disrespectful Guy

Today was the customary Honorary Resolutions for those that have left County Government. Sheriff Tim Hutchison, Trustee Mike Lowe, Register of Deeds Steve Hall and others. When the Sheriff was presented with his Resolution. He received a standing ovation except for Commissioner Mark Harmon. This was the worst display of childish, disrespectful lack of manners ever displayed by an elected official.

Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale participated in the standing ovation. It was obviously only the Sheriff that Mark Harmon decided to disrespect. As he stood for Mike Lowe and Steve Hall. As a citizen or an elected official you are not standing for the person necessarily. You are not standing for his record breaking fifth term that he was elected to in 2006. You are standing out of respect for the position of Sheriff. Harmon demonstrated that he has no respect for the position of Sheriff.

Obviously he is upset that his effort as Jim Andrews Campaign Manager in 2002 was unsuccessful and that allowed his personal attitude to kick in.

Some have questioned why he is only an Associate Professor at UT. Nearly all Associate Professors become Professors after two years, but not Mark Harmon.

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3 Responses

  1. Jake Mabe says:

    Hey, buddy, — just for clarification, the phrase, “nearly all associate professors become professors after two years” isn’t true. Some professors — very good ones — go an entire career without earning full professor status.

  2. Why would any Associate Professor not desire to be a Professor? Why would any Associate Professor not earn Professor status?

    For the record, I was speaking of what I had been told that Associate Professor’s earn Professor status within a couple of years.

  3. Brian –

    Geez. Just from reading your post, I come to the conclusions that 1) Mark Harmon didn’t stand in appreciation for a man in Tim Hutchison that plotted against him and 2) Mark Harmon doesn’t care much for Tim Hutchison.

    Maybe I should add Harmon to my Christmas card list? He may be wrong about many things, but at least he can identify tyrany.