Farragut Community Meeting Part II

Here is today’s Farragut Press article by Farragut Press writer Jerry Dean covering the Farragut community meeting.

Here is the post/article generated from the Brian’s Blog coverage of the meeting.

Many people have asked if Brian Hornback of Brian’s Blog will be endorsing this plan. What editorializing Brian’s Blog has submitted to date is to say the plan should be studied and considered on its merits. We believe that Pamela Treacy, Fiona Hill, Sue Edwards and all others have their hearts in the right place.

Brian’s Blog was quick to criticize and pontificate during the former Superintendent’s zoning proposal and the Farragut community’s first response. The School Board did the right thing to delay and go into further study on possible zoning matters/scenario’s and to replace the Superintendent. This group of citizens have done the right thing in engaging themselves in a solution finding process.

If Brian’s Blog and/or Brian Hornback were to endorse or criticize the proposal it would cause either half to take the opposite position. Brian’s Blog has reported from the meeting as a citizen journalist. Brian’s Blog will continue to study the proposal and will report on it from an objective perspective.

By the way, Brian Hornback had to leave the meeting early due to a cold. A cold that he is still living with this evening, the doctor was visited today, help is on the way.

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