Georgiana Vines Column

Georgiana Vines was brought out of retirement for one column. She had called me and I returned her call to discuss her column. She told me that she was going to report who was running for Chairman and when the Convention would be. I guess she accomplished her task she and E.W. Scripps did take a spin and a ride on the Merry – Go – Round. Nothing wrong with that, everybody enjoys a ride on the Merry – Go – Round.

For the record, Adam Groves was the webmaster for the previous Chairman and did an exemplary job. He also served the previous Chairman as the second in command of the Communication Committee. Tyler Harber worked with the previous Chairman for the two years of the previous Chairman’s term. Tyler was responsible for the Roster book the red spiral bound with a “few” mistakes. Primarily not Tyler’s fault but because the previous Chairman refused to be involved and the Roster book only had one set of eyes and not the consistent proof reading it needed. In the roster book that my team completed, there is only one error. Adam Groves at my request worke dwith a team to create a first class website that was up and running shortly after the Convention. I hope the next Chairman will identify and improve on the products that we have created during my term. However, as Georgiana reports Adam and Tyler were gone within about 45 days of my term beginning. We assembled another team and have accomplished much in the last two years.

We elected or re-elected every position where the Republicans held the seat. This was the term (every eight years) where nearly every seat was up for grabs. We even picked up the Second District Commission seat that we lost in August 2006. We elected U.S. Senator Bob Corker by an overwhelming margin. We have gained a Republican Law Director, John Owings for the position that Mike Moyers left when he was elected Chancellor to replace retiring Republican Chancellor Sharon Bell. Andrew Jackson VI was elected to replace Republican General Sessions Judge Div. IV Brenda Waggoner. It was a crowded field with three candidates and Judge Jackson and Judge Jimmy Kyle Davis had a close contest.

In regards to the relocation of the GOP office. The one I inherited as Chairman was not handicapped accessible. It is important to me that individuals with disabilities be able to access their Republican headquarters. This is not meant as a slam or insult to anyone, but individuals with disabilities are just not in the front of every ones mind. The location that I relocated the office to has plenty of parking (we had a great open house with hundreds in attendance) Great visibility, accessible (I-640 and Broadway) and handicapped accessible.

I am proud of my complete term as Chairman for two years. I have fielded hundreds of phone calls, emails from Republican activists and Officeholders asking me to reconsider my decision to step down, however, I must honor my family and I have assured the Republican activists and Ofiiceholders that I will assist efforts in electing Republicans in the future.

We have been successful in spite of media bias, term limits and everything else that could happen to us. Hopefully the next two years will be easier on the next Chairman then they have been on me. And hopefully the bias and tabloid media will not be as rough on the next Chairman.

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