Good Day in Knox County Government for the REPUBLICANS?

Well, I will be posting later this evening about today’s proceedings. I have been home from work for about 45 minutes and will spend time with the greatest kids in the world. As a matter of fact my youngest son and I are headed to Weigel’s an Icee for him and a Cappuccino for me.

The first thing that I want to say is that the Republican Party snagged one from the Demo’s! The Second district seat previously held by Billy Tindell went to REPUBLICAN Chuck Bolus. Why? Because the Demo’s were participating in some in-fighting over Broyles (Harmon) and Wimmer (Tindell) so we snagged it. Is it right? Well, if Harmon and 4 other Demo’s can’t keep it together. Than maybe Harmon and 3 other Demo’s can keep it together. The 4 Demo’s are Josh Jordan (a pleasant guy), Tank Strickland (always a GREAT guy), Mark Harmon and Sharon Cawood.

My sources indicate that Harmon was warned by a fellow Democrat Commissioner that if you keep fighting within the party on the Commission then the Republicans will kick our butt.

Sorry. But Thanks.

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