Knox County’s Search for a Public Health Officer and a Sr. Director of Public Health

Dr. Martha Buchanan is leaving the employment of  Knox County as Public Health Officer and Sr. Director of Public Health as such the Knox County Commission on Monday will vote to spend $47,025.00 (check it out here) with bakertilly to perform the search for these two employees.

Dr. Buchanan at 2 minutes till 9 pm 6/15/2020 at Commission

Dr. Buchanan at 2 minutes till 9 pm 6/15/2020 at Commission

So, does this mean that C0-Senior Interim Directors Kevin Parton (Chief Administrative Officer) and/or Co-Senior Interim Director Katherine Killen (Chief Strategy Officer) are not likely to fill these two positions? I mean is it really necessary to conduct an extensive search and spend the amount of a decent brand new vehicle to name these positions when the likely candidates are right here amongst us.

These questions are not against bakertilly, they have assisted Johnson City as well as Shelby County, TN and several other communities in Tennessee to locate the right people. bakertilly have offices in Plano, TX and in Minnesota.

But seeing who the actual candidates and directors will be is going to be interesting to see. Granted as a blogger/podcaster it is easy to opine after the deed is done.

Earlier this year, Knox County hired VACO, LLC for the Parks and Recreation Director, paying $24,000 to the search firm (the cost and payment was based on a percentage of the Directors salary and was under the bid threshold of $25,000) in that search Joe Mack from Covington, TN where he was the Parks and Recreation Director for slightly more than 5 years.


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