The Best Part of Waking Up……Without Harold Ford, Junior as Senator

I have had a lot of conversations and emails about the BIG Bob Corker win on Tuesday, November 7, 2006. This morning this was my thought.
You have heard the commercial jingle for Folgers coffee. “The Best Part of Waking up is Folgers in your cup.”

This good Saturday morning as I consumed a cup of coffee, (not Folgers). I realized The best part of waking up without Senator Ford as my Senator is that Frank Cagle, one of three tabloid journalist in the Knoxville market now has little to no credibility. Cagle endorsed Ford, Junior. Ford, Junior spent a considerable amount of money running ads about why Cagle was right in his endorsement. Ford, Junior in nearly every interview in Middle and East Tennessee bragged about Frank Cagle’s endorsement.

Cagle four years ago worked on the campaign staff for Republican Gubernatorial candidate Van Hilleary and lost. Cagle blamed Tom Ingram for the loss. Cagle acknowledged in a recent radio interview that Bob Corker’s hiring of Tom Ingram was the reason for the endorsement of Ford, Junior.
It appears that Cagle has been beat by Tom Ingram twice and that Cagle has lost to Tom Ingram twice.

Any future credibility for Cagle? Any future political opportunities outside tabloid journalism for Cagle? These are questions that remain partial answered.

The other two tabloid journalist. One (Betty Bean) spent a considerable amount of time on KnoxViews promoting the Ford, Junior candidacy and posting mean spirited comments about her NEW United States Senator Bob Corker. The other (Sandra Clark) acknowledged in the Scripps publication that she is employed by as having contributed $250.00 to Bob Corker but was desiring her money back.

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