Knox Sheriff Spangler Exceeds $125,000 in Outside Counsel for Grievances to Merit System/Council

Back on September 23, 2021 I reported here that Knox Sheriff Spanky Spangler‘s Outside Attorney Gary Prince has been paid $58,056.20, since then Prince has been paid another $67,326.70 bringing the total to $125,382.90. Prince and an associate were at last nights Knox County Commission meeting, likely costing the taxpayers more money. That is $125,382.90 of TAXPAYERS money, the clock is still ticking.

Knox Sheriff Spanky Spangler's outside legal counsel at last weeks 11/8/2021 Commission Work Session

Knox Sheriff Spanky Spangler’s outside legal counsel at last weeks 11/8/2021 Commission Work Session

Mr. Prince represents the Sheriff in three grievance hearings before the Knox County Merit System/Council for Knox Sheriff Employees. There are three attorneys on Sheriff Spanky Spangler’s departments payroll. Attorneys Butch Bryant, Mike Ruble and former District Attorney Randy Nichols.

Additionally, the Knox County Law Department have Law Director David Buuck, Chief Deputy Law Director Charles Sterchi, III, Deputy Law Directors David Sanders, Evan Hauser, Amanda Morse, David Wigler, Myers Morton, Gary Dupler, Houston Havsay, Jessica Jernigan-Johnson.

What those 13 Attorneys can not do that Knoxville Attorney Prince with O’neill Parker and Williamson can do needs to be explained by Buuck and Spanky Spangler?

Numerous attempts have been made the past year to dismantle and neuter the Merit System/Council. It is believed this is an attempt to squash the numerous grievance hearings by the employees of the Knox County Sheriffs Department.

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