Knox County Sheriffs Office Arrest Community Activist at Knoxville Police Event

UPDATE 10:54 pm: I have gotten a reply from Kimberly Glenn that Monday she will communicate with the Chief over the department that apprehended Hayes and give me information. She did supply me with his mugshot and report tonight.


Source: KCSO

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Knox County Sheriffs Officers walked down to the Small Assembly Room and arrested community activist David Hayes on “warrant”. Hayes was attempting to attend a Knoxville community meeting seeking input on the Knoxville Police Department. 

The arrest and Knox Sheriff’s carrying Hayes in a hog tied fashion to a booking room was captured by numerous community activist.

Initially  I believed  it was KPD that arrested him, reaching out to Scott Erland with KPD, he promptly informed me it was not the city’s agency that arrested Hayes. Since then I have emailed Kimberly Glenn with Knox Sheriffs Office, no response has been received yet.

Hayes was sent to the Roger D. Wilson Detention facility and was detained for about 3 hours. I have been told, (obviously NOT from Knox Sheriffs Office) that Hayes was released on his own recognizance.

Was this an attempt by KCSO to silence Hayes first amendment right to have input on KPD? Will be a Followup question I have, if KCSO answers my first two questions. 

screenshot from Facebook Live

screenshot from Facebook Live

screenshot from Facebook Live

screenshot from Facebook Live

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  1. Tamara G. Shepherd says:

    Brian, do we know why Hayes was not served with this warrant at his home, rather than at this public meeting? Especially given that he was a candidate for elected office in recent months, local government surely had his home address? Or had he moved since he ran for election? Thanks for any answer you may get to these questions.