UPDATE on David Hayes Arrest

Let me attempt to clear up a little of the confusion from yesterdays story on David Hayes.

First, the officers (Knox County Sheriffs Office and Public Building Authority) did the job they are hired to do.

Who alerted Knox County Sheriffs Office that David was in the building and had a warrant? I am beginning to know that answer, but before I can report I need to confirm with a couple more people.

I know that Knox County Sheriffs and Public Building Authority do not sit there running names or even looking up notable folks for active warrants.

As for the arrest report that the warrant likely came from, what agency issued that? Again, still working on enough sources for that. I can not access records on a Saturday.

Obviously, Hayes was released on his own recognizance, so clearly as they booked him, the warrant in my opinion ain’t much.

As for Hayes spitting on anyone, that is not acceptable, in my opinion. Again, court officers were doing the job they were suppose to do.

screenshot from Facebook Live

screenshot from Facebook Live




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4 Responses

  1. Tia Long says:

    Body Cams should clear up and answer a lot of questiins.
    The warrant was for a pretty tame offense, certainly not a violent crime.
    Very interested in the eventual findings.

  2. Billy says:

    I’m torn on this. I do want Hayes to serve time for blocking roads. We don’t need that nonsense here. I was told a surgeon was held up going to the hospital and Hayes would not let him pass. If that is true, Hayes should serve even more time.

    However, this arrest seemed over the top. I ‘m sure it was about sending a message to Hayes who is a known troublemaker. I don’t like this style of policing.

    Why wasn’t Hayes arrested long ago? Now Hayes has a possible lawsuit. This was clumsy and unneeded. And it might get Hayes off for blocking roads. I disagree that is a minor crime.

  3. Billy says:

    From the USATODAY rag, “Former Knox County Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones, who is seeking to unseat his successor, Tom Spangler, in this year’s election, echoed Brown’s point that the arrest was designed to humiliate Hayes, who was a key organizer of peaceful protests last spring to demand police accountability and criminal justice reform.”

    Blocking streets is not “peaceful protests”. ANGELA DENNIS , TYLER WHETSTONE , and REBECCA WRIGHT at the lying socialist Knoxnews are as stupid as CNN when fires where in the background and they claimed it was “mostly” peaceful protests in Portland while the city was on fire.

  4. Deb Cataline says:

    Since the KCSO Officer says there is no video, HOW can they PROVE that David deliberately spit on anybody? “Aggravated” assault? But let out on own recognizance? Inciting a riot, but let out 3 hours later? Something appears fishy to ME.