Knox Sheriff’s Outside Legal Counsel is NOW Over $132,000 in Taxpayer Dollars! The Sheriff Was Against It, Before He is NOW For It

Back on November 16, I updated here that the Gary Prince, Knox Sheriff’s outside legal counsel was up to $125,382.90 in pay for fighting the Knox County Merit Council for Knox Sheriffs Employees. Since then Knox County has paid $8,144 for an invoice in November 2021. 

No other invoices are on the Knox County Finance System and or been paid according to the Finance Department. Last week, Knox County Chancellor Chris Heagerty ruled against the Sheriff, Knox County Law Department and the outside legal counsel ruling that the Merit Council can hear the Grievance Hearing. 

Shortly after Sheriff Tom Spangler became Sheriff in 2018, he joined with new Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs in wanting to end the costly lawsuits of Knox County -vs- Knox County Retirement and Pension Board about the Uniformed Officers Pension Plan. A plan Spangler, himself received monthly benefits from between his retirement from the department around 2010 and his election as Sheriff in 2018. 

However, in 2021 Case No: M-21-203707 Tom Spangler -vs- Knox County Sheriff’s Merit System Council was filed and litigated. In the Memorandum Opinion and Order No. 20228-3 with Petitioners Tom Spangler, in his official capacity as Sheriff of Knox County and Knox County Sheriff’s Office v. The Knox County Sheriff’s Merit System Council and Martha Dooley, Respondents. 

Sheriff Spangler asking for the departments uniformed officers 820 of the 1,050 employees

Sheriff Spangler at a 2021 Knox County Commission meeting 

Knox Sheriff Spanky Spangler's outside legal counsel at last weeks 11/8/2021 Commission Work Session

Knox Sheriff’s outside legal counsel at a 11/8/2021 Commission Work Session

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