Demo Supporters

This evening at West High School, the local Democrats didn’t have enough individuals to support the Democrat nominee for Governor. They have enough locals to fill a phone booth in the Old City or Shono’s on Market Street. That is about it. So, what did they do? They bussed in state employees from Nashville, TN. Yes, indeed.

There were two buses, one with advertising that said General Jackson (that is the Nashville version of the Knoxville Riverboat and then they had a generic charter bus) the state employees off loaded and held a little rally for the arrival of of the Democrat nominee and Deputy Governor Dave Cooley. When Dave Cooley and the Democrat nominee appeared. The Democrat nominee said “Thank you for coming. It’s hot. We are working hard” and he then proceeded into the air conditioned school. Leaving his bused in state employees in the hot sun. By the way, it was obvious there were NO African-Americans on the bus.

Jim Bryson appeared with his group. I met the Senator at his bus and we went through a huge crowd of screaming state employees. Screaming “Big Mistake” I guess the meaning of that is it is a Big mistake to challenge Dave Cooley’s boss.

Prior to either candidate’s arrival, a non-profit brought a volunteer in a grim reapers custom with a sign saying I support Phil. Some overzealous Demo supporters began to push the grim reaper with their 4X8 signs. KPD and the Knox County School Security had to be summoned to encourage the Demos not push the grim reaper. The Democrats haven’t learned that you shouldn’t play with death.

The Demo’s present were then blocking the view of the poor school teachers as they were attempting to exit Sutherland Avenue. The Demos had to be reminded to be courteous to these teachers as the last thing the teachers needed was a car wreck. The Demos response was “we’re on the sidewalk” Yeah, but your sticking signs out into the road. She can’t see.

O.k. so at 6:00 p.m. the doors are supposed to open, but the Demo nominee is still walking through his sound check and the state employees are outside in the heat for at least 2 plus hours, now. The state employees are saying some mean things to the people at the door about the heat. They were reminded that it is because of their Demo nominee that they are still out there.

At about 6:20 p.m., the doors are opened. The Republicans had many of the center aisle seats behind the Demo nominees reserved seats. And we were getting ready to start.

To be continued.

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