John Whitehead’s Opponent is an Illiterate ——-

John Whitehead‘s opponent has a mailer dropping today. He and his campaign director Gary Drinnen evidently can not make a coherent sentence. Read the first line. “While Property Assessor, he had is son-in-law…” Really? You are a Knox County Property Assessor and you send garbage like this out? You are obviously too stupid to even correct the simplest sentence. 

Plus, the item itself is wrong. The resolution in question came from and was sponsored by the Pension and Retirement Board. When the cost was revealed it was pulled from the agenda of County Commission. Let us not forget that on Black Wednesday. John Whitehead’s opponent was an active member of the County Commission that was found guilty of violating the Sunshine law. He got his best bud, ex Jack’s Wholesale Tire Owner appointed to be his seat mate. His Chief Deputy of the Assessor’s Office Craig Leuthold was found guilty for violating the Sunshine law in getting his own father appointed to the Commission on Black Wednesday. 

So, the real Black Wednesday backroom deal maker was John Whitehead’s opponent in his getting his best-est bud and cronies on the County Commission. Only to then for them all to be found guilty as charged by in violation of the Sunshine law. 

John Whitehead’s opponent even had this mailed from his home address of 9316 Ruggles Ferry Pike Strawberry Plains, TN 37871

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    This piece of trash doesn't surprise me. My wife knows personally of the actions of this coward, he made sexual advances to her while married to Cindy. Phil I am sure you are reading this and know whom this is coming from. If you want to stoop to this level then its time to air out the trash. Would you want to confront my wife and explain in front of Cindy your advances? We have nothing to hide and you have it all to loose. Brian I can back up this event and have no problems with the truth of the matter. Phil knows whom we are and what he did.

    If you want to start sligging mud then ole boy I have a truck load of manure that has all the facts and figures.

    Tire man, I bet you rear end is puckering that I don't get started on you. If I was in your shoes I would hide along with the Ballard crew. It isn't too late to publish in the local papers all the dirt on you.

    As for Black Wednesday, Phil you admitted to Violating the SunShine Law and still again the voters were conned into electing you.

    I DO NOT care who's toes I step on because I have nothing to loose. I sold out when you went into office and have no property for you to inflate on tax assessments. I will not be strong armed into supporting you.

    So Phil I will make a special appearance on election day and look you face to face, and not on paper. You make me sick.

    Yours truly,

    Your worst ememy…

  2. Anonymous says:

    So many reasons not to vote for this man: he's vindictive, illiterate, a very bad speaker, a tyrant boss who routinely threatens his employees and a dirty old man. Oh yeah, and a RINO (according to his wife).