Senator Lamar Alexander’s Picnic – Tailgate with Tennessee’s Next United States Senator Bob Corker

Saturday, Sept. 16th from 4:00 until 6:00 United States Senator Lamar Alexander is hosting a Picnic at the Museum of Appalachia. Everyone is invited and it is free. In order to attend reservations are required. To make your reservation, please call 865-970-1797. United States Senator Mel Martinez of Florida will be Senator Alexander’s Invited Guest. The event concludes at 6:00 pm to allow everyone time to get to Neyland Stadium or your television for the TN/FL football game.

Republican United States Senate candidate Bob Corker will host a tailgate at all UT home games. Please stop by Lot 9, across from Gate 21!

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1 Response

  1. Brian –

    I wouldn’t call what Bob had at the Air Force game a “tailgate.” No food, no drink, no candidate.

    His efforts at the California game were much better.

    Of course, Bob at least had a tent with campaign materials. I saw nothing from the Bryson campaign Saturday. (Although, again, Jim had a nice spread for the Cal game.)