McMillan is Accused of Violating School Board Policy

Yesterday at Gibbs Elementary School someone was handing out Mike McMillan for School Board literature to persons sitting in the car rider line. This is in direct violation of Knox County School Board policy CC line 5

Conley Underwood made Superintendent Dr. McIntyre, School Board Chairman Thomas Deakins, School Security Head Steve Griffin and School Transportation Director Rick Grubb. In addition, Lydia McCoy of the News Sentinel, Sandra Clark of the Shopper and the offices of Shock And Awe

Underwood reiterated “I have, and will continue to, campaign ethically for the duration of the campaign. However, he (McMillan) should be held to the standards of the Knox County Board of Education, the office he currently holds.” 

This is why there is an Ethics Committee of the Knox County School Board and the Committee should hear this complaint and investigate it. If it is found to be true, a censure would be in order. 

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3 Responses

  1. Ken Stout says:

    Every now and again an individual comes along who wants to make a difference. If they dare to make life better for the people around them, they will be attacked on many levels by small people with small views. Small people think the only way that they can be special is to hold everyone down and climb on top of the debris. The truly great man leads others to a greater quality of life. He leads them side by side; listening, working and overcoming the obstacles that hold people back from becoming all they can be. Some of the children have a greater opportunity because of Conley Underwood’s leadership. Isn’t it time all the children in the 8th district had someone listening and working for them?

    *Vote for Conley Underwood 8th District Knox County School Board*

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, Ken Stout said it all. It isn't surprising to find out that the people behind McMillan will stoop to anything no matter how unscrupulous to keep what some say is a “puppet” to do their bidding. Everyone needs to call as many voters as possible in the 8th district and share all of Conley's fine attributes and encourage them to vote for Conley.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The latest Focus has a long article from J. Max Houser
    praising McMillian. It is interesting to me as McMillan was to be fired so he retired and guess what? Max Houser WAS fired from Knox County Schools. Birds of a feather flock together.