TCU Did What Against Congressman DesJarlais?

TCU President Lloyd Daughtery is probably boasting about getting his name in a story on “The Hill” website here or in a UPI (United Press International) story here. It seems that Daugherty is boasting that he is having discussions with “other groups” about calling for Congressman DesJarlais to resign because of a Huffington Post story about a decade old incident.

DesJarlais is taking the high road and simply states that Daugherty and TCU supported DesJarlais’s opponent, Liberal Democrat from Pall Mall, TN Lincoln Davis. Actually, it was TCU that acted as Davis campaign team. Daugherty used his voice in radio commercials. The TCU raised money for Davis. Davis was always a contributor to the TCU’s yearly fundraiser a “Reagan Day Dinner” held every year in Knoxville, TN.

Why did Daugherty et al. use this information against DesJarlais two years ago when the story was only 8 years old? It is my opinion because they did not think they needed it. We should all remember the temper tantrum that Liberal Davis had on election night and the day after he was rejected by the 4th Congressional District on TN.

It appears that now the TCU hopes to grandstand on an issue to bring it some attention and potentially contributions.

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