Knox County’s Final Early Vote Totals

UPDATE: Brian’s Blog received an email informing us that in the election held on August 1st, 2002 there were 67,539 total votes cast and 24,887 Knox Countians voted early. So, much for those saying that voters are discouraged and not voting.

Early Voting is UP. Many of the naysayers were predicting doom and gloom that Knox County was on mark for a 20,000 early vote mark. Comments were being made that political leaders were attempting to keep the vote down.

The KnoxGOP campaign can and will be credited with the strong early vote finish with nearly 25,000 people casting an informed early vote. If you haven’t voted, cast a vote for the experienced candidates. The experienced candidates can all be found on the Republican ballot. Any other ballot includes candidates that are inexperienced and not ready for prime time.

The court ruled in Deselm -v- Hutchison that term limits do not apply to Tennessee Constitutional Officeholders.

Early Voting Numbers By Location

Friday and Saturday July 28 & 29, 2006

Downtown West 2,280

Downtown West Total to Date 7,320

Knoxville Center 1,176

Knoxville Center Total to Date 4,403

Farragut 1,195

Farragut Total To Date 4,083

Halls 1,000

Halls Total to Date 3,744

Knox County Courthouse 358

Knox County Courthouse Total to Date 1,881

South Knox 610

South Knox Total to Date 1,837

Five Points 207

Five Points Total to Date 668

Republican Primary Voters 6,823

Republican Primary Voters Total to Date 16,953

Democrat Primary Voters 2,697

Democrat Primary Voters to Date 7,002

No Primary Declared Voters 372

No Primary Declared Voters to Date 542

Total early Voters 24,479 (includes 18 Absentee Voters)

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