As You Vote on Tuesday, Sheriff Spangler Does NOT Support Our Second Amendment

Back during the pandemic’s mask mandate, Sheriff Spangler made headlines sending a letter to President Biden about defending our constitutional right about wearing or not wearing masks.

Last year when Republican Leader William Lamberth was running the Constitutional Carry bill that passed through the legislature and became law.

Sheriff Spangler and 94 other TN Sheriffs opposed OUR Second Amendment Right to carry as our Founding Fathers assured us that right.

Several of the same Sheriffs that stand in a television commercial endorsing Spangler. Sheriffs Guider of Loudon, Berrong of Blount and Jones of Monroe were all also part of the 95 that opposed our right to Constitutionally carry.

Watch this video of the sub committee hearing where a letter with all 95 Sheriffs (which Spangler was one) opposing Constitutional Carry was presented, opposing HB 0786. The bill passed the House and Senate and became law with Governor Bill Lee’s signature all no thanks to last yeara current 95 Sheriffs.

In this Newsweek article last year a gun control group boasted of the Sheriffs opposition to Constitutional Carry in Tennessee, Sheriffs hanging with the liberals.

Check out this post by TN Firearms Association about the Sheriffs opposition to our Second Amendment right.. The letter below is the letter opposing Constitutional Carry

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