KCS Re-Assignment of Powell Principal is Wrong

Here is the link to a WBIR story that aired on 5/5/2005 about 13.5 months ago. Powell Principal Diane Psihogios future with Knox County Schools is in jeopardy. She has been notified that she is being re-assigned and will NOT return to Powell High School. She taught Spanish for 15 years at Farragut High School, she became Principal at Karns High School and has been at Powell for a couple of years.

I first met Principal Psihogios, during the summer of 2004. As I was completing my 4 year term on the Knox County School Board. The school district was considering the Superintendent’s re-districting plan to send some Farragut High students to Karns High School. There was a lot of misinformation in the community about a lack of academic rigor at Karns. I called Principal Psihogos and she sat down with me and explained the facts. I learned every quickly a couple of things 1) Diane Psihogios is committed to students 2) Her desire is that every student have the same opportunity as any other student.

So, it was no shock to me that in 2005 as she fought a second battle of Cancer that she was selected and awarded to be the 2005 TN High School Principal of the Year and was a finalist for the national Principal of the Year Award.

Now she has another battle to wage and it is to save her job and reputation. Principal Psihogos, You have made a positive impact and the citizens of Powell and Knox County are standing with you.

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