Congrats to the Wamp’s of Hamilton County

Weston Wamp is the Republican nominee for Hamilton County Mayor. Wamp received 14,425 votes to Hamilton County Commissioner Sabrena D. Smedley 14,104 to Matt Hullander‘s 12,170 and 65 write ins. Wamp faces Democrat Matt Adams August 4, 2022

Weston Wamp and me back four years ago, 2018

Coty Wamp is the Republican nominee for District Attorney General of Hamilton County. Wamp with 27,925 votes bested Neal Pinkston‘s 11,388. Wamp now faces Democrat John Allen Brooks on August 4, 2022.

Weston and Coty are the two children of Kim and former Congressman Zach Wamp of TN’s Third Congressional District

myself, former Congressman Zach Wamp and Bill Lee after arriving in Farragut in 2018

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