Sunshine and Commissioners Schoonmaker and Dailey Friday May 13, 2022 at Bower Field Community Park

Earlier this week, the Knox County Commission office noticed a meeting of Knox County Commissioner John Schoonmaker and Carson Dailey at the Bower Field Community Park located at 8744 Chapman Highway in South Knox County. Why would this location draw anymore attention than say a meeting at SoKno Market or anywhere else? you ask.

Well for the biggest part of 2022 the Knox County Commission has been kicking the can down the road and delaying for 60 days, 30 days a sector plan and rezoning request by Thunder Mountain Properties, LLC. The Dry Hollow Community have organized, rally and made the appropriate reasonable reactions to this highly intense density of 255 proposed units on 150 +/- acres, nearly 80 of those acres are not suitable for home sites. Which is a cluster (******) mess, (my opinion, feel free to make it your own). This highly intense density on the Knox County, Blount County, Sevier County lines in fact.

Because it is a public meeting, I as a Knox County #CitizenInformer (my term) attended, recorded the meeting, which was “noticed” to discuss Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs proposed 2022/2023 budget and the upcoming Commission meeting.

A couple citizens wanted to ask some questions, they were cut off and informed that a public interaction was not part of the meeting. They (the citizens) clearly didn’t know that, they were respectful BUT the Commissioners did not explain the how’s and why’s of the TN Open Meetings Act (Sunshine). It is NOT my job as a blogger/podcaster #CitizenInformer #TheMegaBullhornofTruth to explain it. All they (the Commissioners) did was confuse nearly two dozen citizens, but as two term limited Commissioners, with less than two and half years left as Commissioners, they may not have cared.

The first citizen wanted to ask about the Knox County Sheriff‘s response time, she was cut off, listen to that here. Here is the second exchange where Commissioner Dailey was talking about the “oldest traffic signal” at Martin Mill and John Sevier, the citizen wanted to ask about it, he was summarily cut off and the citizen was told that his email was answered, which the constituent said he has not received a reply. He asked when could he come talk to Commissioners, the citizen was told to come to City County Building on Monday night, a lady correctly corrected Dailey that it is not May 16, but May 23, 2022, watch that here.

The discussion of Thunder Mountain Properties, LLC and the Dry Hollow Community rezoning with Commissioners Schoonmaker, Dailey with input from myself, Republican nominee for at Large Commissioner Seat 11 Kim Frazier and Dry Hollow Community’s legal counsel Daniel Sanders, here.

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