It Takes a Community…… RIP Mrs. Walker

My freshman year at Carter High School many many many moons ago, my study hall was sixth period and it was in the Cafeteria. I was not happy there so I was cutting sixth hall, who would miss me? Assistant Principal Mr. Goodlin called me to the office and asked me where I had been, I told him and told him I didn’t like study hall in the Cafeteria. He said okay, so we went up the back stairs to the library. He said ladies, this is Brian Hornback he is going to do study hall here in the library. It was so great, that I had study hall first period, which allowed me to do my work but most importantly the morning newspaper at that time the Knoxville Journal. Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Brock allowed me to be a study hall of one.

Mrs. Walker has passed, here is her obituary. To Laura Chambers and family, my thoughts and prayers during this time of grief is with you.

Mrs. Martha Kitts Walker

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