What to do, JIF Peanut Butter Recall…

Last night I got a voicemail from Costco, thanks to Verizon and Apple for transcribing it, I do not answer 800 numbers or numbers I do not recognize. That is what texting is for, if I do not answer, text me first.

Anyway, Costco recognized I had bought a double pack of JIF Peanut Butter, I checked the codes and yes they were thrown away, half of one jar was empty. I am the only one that eats peanut butter here. The wife tolerates it to make me peanut butter fudge at Christmas and one kid of our three growing up is allergic. So now that the kids are grown, it is only ME that eats peanut butter.

While I as a kid, the only peanut butter we had was JIF, I never asked Mom before she passed on January 9, 2015 why JIF…. I have always believed it was because, “choosy mothers choose JIF”. As someone that has spent thirty years in the Consumer Packaged Goods aka Grocery business, I am not scared to purchase generic, because in many occasions I can identify who the manufacturer is. HOWEVER, with peanut butter, I have NEVER purchased anything other than JIF Creamy…. as I contemplate life without peanut butter……. What am I to do?

JIF Recall information if you need it, here.

my voicemail transcription, yeah the AI doesn’t recognize JIF as anything other than JEFF

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