Check the Facts I – KCSO and KPD on Traffic Enforcement

Check the facts, I will. Thanks for the challenge.

Back on Tuesday June 7th, Knox County Sheriff Tom “spanky” Spangler spoke at the Karns Republican Club meeting. Read the story here, which includes his entire unedited talk including Q&A.

There are several little things that he said that I will be separating and ”checking the facts” as I have and am challenged to do, like here.

In “checking the facts” I contacted Scott Erland the Public Information Officer of the Knoxville Police Department and included Kristin Farley, Director of Communications for the City of Knoxville. The response “It is completely false to suggest that any of our department’s efforts to enforce the law are done for monetary purposes. In fact, the number of speeding citations that our officers have issued has decreased dramatically over the past four years. Our speed enforcement efforts are done only to change the behavior of motorists, reduce crashes and address neighborhood complaints.” Erland said

It was quite shocking to hear a top law enforcement officer say that enforcement of a law or the law by any agency or their own agencies action or inaction is contingent on whether there is a ROI (Return On Investment). Public Safety should not have a quantified dollar value.

Thank you to my loyal readers for the challenge to “check the facts“. This is the first one in what I anticipate to be an ongoing series.

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