BREAKING School Board News

There is one school board election on the August 3, 2006 ballot. In District 6, three candidates were on the ballot in May and no one received 50% plus one. So the top two are now running to win the election and to represent the district for the next four years.

Thomas Deakins and Lee Martin are the candidates. Both reside in the Town of Farragut, the district includes Hardin Valley, Ball Camp, Solway and Lonas. The third candidate on the ballot in May was Fred Dillon. Dillon resides in the Hardin Valley and Ball Camp area of the district.

Brian’s Blog has obtained the following letter.

Dear Friend of Education:

I am writing to communicate my full endorsement of Lee Martin as the 6th District Representative to the Knox County School Board. As you may know, my family has lived in Karns for generations and I have personally been involved in community and education issues my entire adult life. Our school system is very important to my extended family and to me.

Lee Martin has lived in the 6th District for 25 years…15 years in the Karns/Solway community and 10 years in Farragut. He also started his highly successful business on Oak Ridge Highway. He has raised his family here and been actively involved in numerous sports and community service organizations.

I am endorsing Lee for two very important reasons. First, he understands that our school board member must work diligently to take care of the 6th district. Second, he knows that all school representatives ultimately serve on the board of directors for a $366 million organization that affects our children’s future.

Lee’s strong education and business background will serve us well. We need his experience to ensure sound management in setting school system policies and considering its budget, which accounts for 60% of the entire Knox County budget.

I encourage you to vote for Lee Martin on August 3, 2006 for the Knox County School Board. He will no doubt, be an advocate for our community, our teachers, and our children.


Fred Dillon

H. Lee Martin

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