The Local and State Democrat Party Strategy

It has appeared to many in Knoxville that the local Democrat strategy will be to ignore that they are Democrats, never mention it. Instead act like the writers of the Contract with America (Newt Gingrich and the Republicans) and embrace term limits as their own.
I personally have always endorsed and supported term limits and glad to see the KnoxDem Chairman and his band of merry men embrace it, I say to them Welcome to the Republican Party and Conservative ideals.

It is interesting that they are not talking about their party. The Democrat Party.

Then we have This, from todays KnoxNews website. Ford, Junior is calling all three of his opponents names along with the TNDem Chairman. Political strategy is to let others call the names, not the candidate (Ford, Junior or the state party chairman), those two should stay above the fray.

This action by the candidate and TNDem Chair would indicate that their own polling is showing that TN Waltz and his liberal voting record are damaging Ford, Junior and that any of the three will beat him statewide.

Thanks for the confirmation, Demos.

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