Bad Policy (in my opinion and experience) …. Knoxville Police Department

Knoxville Police have announced they will not respond to non injury car wrecks. It must be a new form of community policing, exchange your information and let the insurance companies argue about it, I guess.

How about these situations.

one driver is uninsured, how will the state and/or city know that someone is violating the mandatory insurance law? How will they be ticketed for not having a current insurance coverage?

Let’s go back to a situation I experienced in November 2012, a car was stopped in a traffic lane, I had no option but to hit the car, as it was in my lane, when KPD officer arrived, he realized the other driver was under the influence and that driver went to jail, was the third arrest in ten years. Without the officer how many intoxicated will not be punished?

New KPD Chief Paul Noel and I

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2 Responses

  1. Ray says:

    Don’t insurance claims require a police report?