Knox County Government is NOT always Quick, Real Time and Efficient …..Obviously

On September 1, 2022 at 10 a.m. and by 11:30 a.m. all NEW Elected Officials were officially sworn in and doing their job, presumably began receiving their pay. At 1:30 p.m.and by about 2:30 p.m. the same day the Knox County Commission reorganized.

Supposedly, everyone except Commissioners Carson Dailey and John Schoonmaker were aware that a new group photo was scheduled to be made in front of the old Knox County Courthouse. Two of the Knox County IT Department employees were there (as I was as well to take a photo for this webiste) but as the last Commissioner’s, the IT guys and I were walking toward the old Courthouse from the Main Assembly Room, Schoonmaker was having a meltdown (I witnessed it and heard it) He was saying who coordinated the new photo, pointing to Dailey saying he didn’t wear a suit. (I was thinking well clearly Dailey wasn’t a Boy Scout, cause as a Eagle Scout we were trained to Be Prepared) I mean they knew they had three new Commissioners, why not be prepared for a group photo. Schoonmaker asked if they could do it at the September 19 Work Session, I am told now it won’t be done until the September 26 Knox County Commission meeting.

Schoonmaker was still upset about something at the Friday September 9 TN Valley Fair Business and Government Officials Lunch as he was aggressively making a point to Knox County Clerk Sherry Witt. I was not close enough to hear, but I am sure some did.

So, the old photo is on the website here. Former Commissioner Justin Biggs new headshot is on the Trustee page, here. Former Commissioner Randy Smith doesn’t have a headshot, but he is still in Risk Management, here. Former Commissioner Charles Busler is retired. So, I have modified the photo here with Commission Chair Courtney Durrett and Commission Vice Chair with a red circle. They other three have been redacted by me on this photo.

It’s almost like they wanna hold onto to the past for another 30 days. Back when the guys were the majority.

Thankfully Drucilla and Sharon in the Knox County Commission office have updated the Directory of Government Officials, here. So there is real time, efficient and accurate information out there. Sometimes, you just have to look and find it.

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