Were You One of the ‘lucky ones’ That Got a Spam Text Survey Yesterday?

Yesterday (Friday September 30, 2022) many people got a Spam Text with a Survey link. I do not automatically click from the link. But I do check them out, so that it is more blog content and I can guess who is behind especially any political questions.

You needed to answer you were a Republican, if you answered anything else, it was a very short survey, according to a source that answered differently than Republican. But here are the questions.

How likely are you to vote in the November general election?

Do you think of yourself as a Democrat, Republican or Independent?

Would you say public education in Knox County is headed in the right direction or off on the wrong track?

Then a list of names and of various people and organizations who may have been mentioned in the news recently. For each one, please indicate if you have header of the person or organization, and if you have, whether you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of them. If you haven’t heard of a name, choose so.

Emerald Academy School

Knox County Republican Party

Knox County Public Schools

Knox Prep School

Bill Haslam

Public Charter Schools

Jason Zachary

Glen(sic) Jacobs

Your local school board

Do you think public charter schools produce better, worse, or the same results for students as traditional public schools?

Do you think parents/families should have the ability to customize their child’s public education by sending them to alternatives, such as charter schools, rather than just traditional k-12 schools?

The following is information about charter schools in Tennessee that you may hear or see in the news or in advertisements. Select whether the information makes you more or less likely to SUPPORT charter school programs in Tennessee.

Data from communities with a mix of traditional public schools and nonprofit charter public school show they have stronger student achievement and higher graduation rates

According to a recent study, students advance at a faster pace academically in charter schools than they do in traditional public schools – especially Black students and students from low income backgrounds

The flexibility that local charter schools have for hiring teachers, personalizing learning, crafting creative lesson plans, and using technology in new ways allows them to make any necessary changes to address the learning needs of students.

Not every student learns the same, and charter schools have more flexibility to create a school culture that improves student performance and parent satisfaction.

Charter schools provide families with a tuition-free choice option for their children’s education, something that has been traditionally only available to families with high incomes.

Charter schools are public schools, and they are free and open to all children, no matter their background or skill level.

Not knowing this information……..

Do you think parents.families should have the ability to customize their child’s public education by sending them to alternatives such as charter schools, rather than just traditional K-12 schools?

And now several final questions for statistical purposes only to ensure this is an accurate and representative survey.

Are you female or male?

What age range do you fall within?

If you had to choose, do you consider yourself more of a Trump Republican or more of a traditional conservative Republican?

What annual household income range do you fall within out of the following options?

Thinking back, who did you vote for in the 2020 election for President? Did Not Vote, Another Candidate, Democrat Joe Biden, Republican Donald Trump or Unsure

What’s the highest level of education you have completed?

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