Tennessee’s Next Governor

Tennessee’s Next Governor is currently State Senator Jim Bryson. His campaign website is located, here.

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5 Responses

  1. Steve Mule says:

    Mr. Hornback,
    Nice pictures and thanks for the link to Sen. Bryson’s website. Unfortunately, it’s all too little, too late, I’m afraid. Bredesen is too popular, even among Republicans and the national mood isn’t that condusive to conservatives just for the sake of conservatives like in previous election cycles. So I wouldn’t bet the farm on Sen. Bryson. He should have started earlier. He missed a good oppertunity.


  2. SteveMule,

    I don’t think anybody would expect you to bet the farm on Bryson. The election between Bryson and the current occupant of the Governor’s office is November. 24 hours is a lifetime in politics. Remember Van Hilleary received 48% of the vote statewide. That vote will stay for a Bryson candidacy, then you have a Governor that promised to fix TennCare, he didn’t.

    He promised a new day, he delivered that, but the day is cloudy with thunderstorms.

    He delivered a deputy governor that traveled the state at 90 plus miles an hour, his THP is corrupt from the inside out. He has pulled individual troppers political contribution records and placed them in thier personnel file, his prison chief is investigated for sexual harrassment and resigns, the Governor shreds those sexual harrassment documents in the governor’s office, the graduation rates under Bredesen have been inflated, the test scores under NCLB have not been handled correctly. All of this information has been reported in mainstream newspapers and TV stations.

    btw,(for the democrats, btw means By The Way) the correct spelling for Opportunity is Opportunity. Did you graduate from a TN high school, while Bredesen has been Governor? lol (for the democrats, lol means laugh out loud also known as a joke)

  3. Dave Oatney says:

    I agree with Bryan completely here-I think you are writing off Bryson WAY too soon. If Dems do that, it will come back to bite them, and we’ll make sure of it.

  4. Steve Mule says:

    Mr. Hornback, David,
    No one where I work knows who Sen. Bryson is. No one I’ve talked to does, except the ones that are heavily into TN politics and even they (both conservative and liberal) say the samething – too little, too late. Gov. Bredesen is even more popular than he was in ’02. Sen. Bryson waited too long to make his move. He’ll have to spend all summer just to get name recognition and then spend all his time explaining how he’d do things differently/better than Bredesen, and if you’re explaining you’re loosing.
    The Dems won’t write Sen. Bryson off – we’re not stupid and neither is Gov. Bredesen. Have either of you looked at his voting record?


  5. SteveMule,

    I believe you have been drinking the liberal deaniac kool-aid again.

    How can you say that Bredesen is more popular than in ’02. You think the thousands of people that either got cut or had their TN Care benefits reduced, believe he is the savior.

    The THP officers that have had their political contribution records pulled and put in thier personnel files? The victims of sexual harrassment in the various state departments and then their complaints are shredded in the governors office? I see all these people voting for him and keeping their mouths shut during a campaign. Yeah. Right.

    Bredesen has not even been invited to speak to your chicken Truman Day Dinner. Not even a featured guest.

    Democrat sources tell me that the Governor refuses to call and talk to your Demo Chairman in Knox County.