Seat 10 is Out for City Mayor…..

Victor Ashe former Knoxville Mayor and weekly column author for the daily paper has written that “seat 10” Knox County Commissioner at Large. Which is NOT Commissioner Kim Frazier. Ashe wrote that “seat 10” sold his wife and his home to move into the City of Knoxville to run for City Mayor in 2023.

Apparently “seat 10” thought he could beat Knoxville Mayor Indya Kincannon. This past June “seat 10” attended the City Council meeting and participated in the “public forum”. In his remarks he admonished the City’s budget and tax increase, opposing the budget and tax increase. The City Police Department, the City Fire Department and all other City employees reaction was clearly not what “seat 10” expected.

According to Ashe’s reports, “Seat 10” and his family are building a home in Sequoyah Hills.

So, likely “seat 10” must think his options for County Mayor or another county position is a better option, based on the quote he gave Compass Knoxville, “You will see me on a future ballot, but it won’t be next year,” he said. “The projects I’m passionate about and the impact I can have lie in the county.”

So, in four years Mayor Jacobs is not eligible to run for County Mayor as he will have completed two terms. Rumor is circulating that Register of Deeds Nick McBride and Knox County Criminal Court Clerk Mike Hammond are being strongly encouraged to consider a Mayoral run. Would “seat 10” make it a three way race?

Other names I have heard (aka rumors) are State Rep. Jason Zachary (wanting to follow the Burchett path, state house, Mayor, Congress), Knox County Trustee Justin Biggs, Knox County Sheriff Tom Spangler, Knox County Clerk Sherry Witt and failed County Commission at Large Seat 11 Devin Driscoll.


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