Congratulation Shout Outs To The Winners

of the Tuesday May 2, 2006 Republican ballot that had no opposition:

Circuit Court Judge Div. I Dale C. Workman
Circuit Court Judge Div. III Wheeler A. Rosenbalm
Chancellor Div. I John F. Weaver
Chancellor Div. III candidate Mike Moyers
Criminal Court Judge Div. II Ray L. Jenkins
Public Defender Mark Stephens
Trustee Mike Lowe
General Sessions Judge Div. I Chuck Cerny
General Sessions Judge Div. II Geoff Emery
General Sessions Judge Div. III Bob McGee
General Sessions Judge Div. IV Tony Stansberry
Juvenile Court Judge Tim Irwin
Sheriff Tim Hutchison
Circuit, Civil Services & Juvenile Court Clerk Cathy Quist

Great job by these Republican candidates, Mike Moyers, Judge Jenkins and Sheriff Hutchison have Democrat opposition. These three candidates will prevail.

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