Conspiraracy Theorists Alive and Well

This morning on a local talk show, I received a phone call at 7:45 a.m. asking that I come on and explain how the convention will work, if the term limited incumbents are removed from the ballot. I explained how it would work. One of the host asked about John Griess or any countywide position and if I would be interested. My comment is that there is no vacancy for me to address.

A couple of hours later the conspiraracy theorist (Betty Bean, JB and Mike Mitchell of Farragut)led by a caller named JB, (Joe Bryson)insisted that “Brian Hornback said that the people in the know said that the ballot would remain intact” This is not what I said, I called in and was conferenced in with JB and corrected him with several people said that with the pending litigation, many individuals

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