Herbert Moncier Continues to Lose

This from knoxnews.com, Herbert Moncier the attorney that has filed suit upon suit upon suit against our Republican Knox County Sheriff didn’t find any friends at the TN Supreme Court, within the last few weeks.

His latest filings before the court are 9 suits representing 4 individuals which includes Knox County Democrat Chairman and employee of Democrat Knox County Clerk Mike Padgett, Jim Gray. These 9 suits were thorn out of the Supreme Court, not just thrown out in essences shredded. Actually, the suits will be heard through the regular court proceedings. So, Herb has the opportunity to clean them up and maybe his antics as well, however, his antics play well in front of cameras especially on TV.

Here are excerpts from the ruling decision of the TN Supreme Court.

“Deciphering these voluminous filings has been difficult, because the filings are incomplete, contain inaccurate citations, discuss matters irrelevant to the issues that are before the court,”

some of the filings “fail to comply with the Tennessee Rules of Appellate Procedure in several respects.”

Way to go, Herb.

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