Loudon County Republican Party Reorganize

This morning the Loudon County Republican Party met to reorganize, its required every other odd year. Leon Shields, served as the Convention Chairman and did an exceptional job. Close to half the room are active attenders of Tellico Village Conservative Club and Cross County Patriots. Katie Schnell, wife of Wayne Schnell of Cross County Patriots sought to be Chair. However, the Contest and Credentials Committee along with District 5 SEC members found she was not eligible to run. Kelly Brewster was then elected Chair.

Rick Dramm of the Tellico Conservative Club was eligible to run for Vice Chair as he has served as District Rep. on the Loudon County Republican Party County Executive Committee. Dramm secured 84 votes, Larry Jameson secured 86 votes. That was with the provisional ballots being counted. So, Larry Jameson is Vice Chair

Secretary position Carol Pickle and Wayne Schnell were nominated. Schnell was not eligible. Pickle was elected.

Treasurer Joel McCall (I could have written that name wrong, my apologies) Bill Geames and Frankie Shields were nominated. McCall was not eligible. Shields withdrew and Bill Geames was elected Treasurer.

Vice Treasurer Carey Brown and Gary Whitfield were nominated. Brown was ruled not eligible and Whitfield was elected Vice Treasurer.

As the Contest and Credentials Committee met there was alot of convention discussion with Leon Shields facilitating the discussion about how can one become a bonafide member. The Tellico Village Conservative Club and/or Cross County Patriots could chose to affiliate with the Tennessee Republican Party and become affiliated clubs.

At this point Wayne Schnell (who had attempted to be Secretary of the party and whose wife chose to attempt to be Chair) rose and said we don’t want to be affiliated with the Republican party. There is the problem. Why did he and his wife attempt to seek leadership positions with a party that he publicly stated to over 175 people he and his group do not want to be a part of?

Rick Dramm’s wife stood and said the clubs want to be independent, well being independent is okay. But then don’t come and expect to be a voting delegate and in a leadership position of the party that you want to be independent of.

I left as the seven districts split off to elect district representatives. First District Jeff Harris, Second District Janice Roberts, Third District Jim Brooks, Fourth District Damian Crawford, Fifth District Tammy Gallaher, Sixth District Blair Griffin, Seventh District Kimberly Brown. Griffin and Brown were the two names on the slate of candidates backed by the Schnell, Dramm team.

All these folks join Immediate Past Chair Buddy Bradshaw and Fifth District State Executive Committee Members Terry Frank and Tim Hutchison to fill out the next two years leadership of the Loudon County Republican Party.

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