Nanny McPhee

This is a movie that I knew very little about; except for the fact that my kids had decided they wanted to see. It is a good movie. The story is of a single father that has children that are out of control. The kids run off every nanny they had. The nanny agency has no one to assign to him. But he is told that he needs Nanny McPhee.

Nanny McPhee appears and teaches the children the 5 lessons, which the children need to know. He out of desperation for financial assistance from his departed wives aunt must marry. He finds the only single woman that will put up with the kids; her desire is the money that she will be able to spend.

As the wedding comes the one that has been under his nose all the time is the one that he marries, the kids are taught the 5 lessons they needed to know and they all live happily ever after.

Nanny McPhee then takes her supernatural talents to another assignment; her task here with this family is done. Even tough the story is fairly is to determine what will happen, there can still be questions of could Nanny McPhee have been _____? or this scenario?

This movie is a good break from the mundane.

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